Basic information about K-Render the best 3D rendering studio

Basic information about K-Render the best 3D rendering studio
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To create the reputation of a 3D rendering studio, each employee needs to constantly hone their professional skills and work towards the company’s goals. Thanks to these factors, K-Render has gained a foothold in the 3D rendering market in the world.

The foundation of K-Render Studio – the leading 3D rendering studio

In 2013, K-Render Studio was founded by two talented architects Mr. Ryan and Mr. Daniel. Establishing a 3D rendering studio was a stepping stone for the two architects to develop their careers and solve problems many other architects face in their work.

Before that time, Mr. Ryan and Mr. Daniel had worked together and participated in many relatively large-scale projects. They recognized a problem during this period that led to the establishment of a 3D rendering studio.

A kitchen are rendering picture by K-Render Studio

Many architects have very creative and amazing design products. However, making the building owner or investor understand that design takes a lot of time and effort. Architectural rendering products can solve that problem perfectly, benefiting both the architect and the client. This was the origin of the founding of K-Render Studio and made K-Render a leading 3D rendering studio.

What services do K-Render 3D rendering studio offer?

K-Render 3D rendering studio provides the following types of architectural rendering services with outstanding quality.

Interior rendering services that K-Render 3D rendering studio offers

Interior rendering services provided by K-Render Studio create high quality interior renderings or videos. These products are finished to meet the requirements given by the customer.

Every client’s interior design ideas are appreciated and clearly understood by our 3D rendering studio. K-Render always strives to understand all the information conveyed by the customer and incorporate them into the rendered product.

Exterior rendering services K-Render 3D rendering studio offers

K-Render 3D rendering studio’s exterior rendering products have received many compliments from customers. Exterior rendering services create images or videos that simulate the building’s exterior and surroundings with perfect realism.

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Aerial rendering services K-Render 3D rendering studio offers

Customers with large projects divided into many areas will not be able to ignore Aerial rendering services of our 3D rendering studio. With the meticulousness and authenticity of aerial rendering products created by K-Render artists, customers can derive a lot of value from using these images or videos.

Dominant strengths of K-Render 3D rendering studio

The following great advantages are the reasons for customers to trust and choose to cooperate with our 3D rendering studio.

  • Product quality completely meets the standards set by customers. K-Render rendering artists perform architectural rendering with experience and honed rendering skills. Understanding each customer’s information also helps the artist to complete the architectural rendering product in the best way.
  • Prices are extremely reasonable. Our 3D rendering studio offers service prices that are completely in line with customer requirements and information and documents provided by customers. Therefore, K-Render’s service rates are very competitive.
There are different price package
  • Finish the product quickly. Thanks to our 3D rendering studio’s detailed insight and expertise, architectural rendering is optimized for completion times.

Highlight projects of K-Render 3D rendering studio

Our 3D rendering studio has completed many successful projects and below are some of them.

  • Nolan Jolie Villa. A luxurious living space but still bringing comfort and convenience to family members is what K-Render needs to show in the renderings. And K-Render Studio has successfully completed this task.
  • Starlake architectural rendering. Starlake is a wonderfully designed villa. Therefore, K-Render 3D rendering studio has made every effort to convey the design message into the rendering product.
The Starlake Project by K-Render Studio
  • KDI building. KDI building is one of the largest projects of K-Render Studio. The design of the working areas of KDI building are vividly and beautifully rendered.

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