Best Vietnamese coffee exporters: Revealing the truth

Best Vietnamese coffee exporters: Revealing the truth

There are various exporters of coffee across the world, including Vietnam. The best Vietnamese coffee exporters will be discussed in this post.

Best Vietnam coffee exporters general information

Vietnamese coffee exporters are companies that sell Vietnamese coffee to customers in other countries. To put it another way, the best Vietnamese coffee exporters are coffee industry experts capable of offering the highest quality coffee beans to international partners interested in bulk purchases.

Best Vietnam coffee exporters settings

For many years, Vietnam has been the world’s second-largest coffee exporter in terms of output and fifth-largest in terms of value. Vietnam is also noted for being the world’s leading producer of Robusta coffee.


  • Export price of Vietnamese coffee: The export price of Vietnamese coffee has continuously increased over the previous three years due to the influence of global and domestic coffee output. Respectively, MY 2018/19: $1,724/ton; MY 2019/20: $1,751.2/ton; MY 2020/21: $1,971/ton
  • The export output of Vietnamese coffee: Due to the effect of global and domestic coffee output, the export price of Vietnamese coffee has steadily climbed over the last three years. MY 2018/19: $1,724/MT; MY 2019/20: $1,751.2/MT; MY 2020/21: $1,971/MT.
  • Export value of Vietnam coffee: The value of MY 2019/20 exports declined as a result of the fall in export volume. Despite the fact that the amount of exported coffee beans declined in MY 2020/21, the value of exports grew, indicating that Vietnam coffee beans have improved in quality. Both the government and farmers are working to improve the quality of Vietnamese coffee beans at every stage of production, from planting to harvesting to processing and storage.

Competitive advantages of best Vietnam coffee exporters

Best Vietnamese coffee exporters have a competitive edge over their competitors, allowing them to establish themselves as respected worldwide exporters.

  • Coffee in quantity is for sale: Coffee exporters in Vietnam are known for delivering big quantities of coffee in a timely way. Because Vietnam’s annual coffee output ranks second in the world, importers may receive large quantities of coffee at any time of year to fulfill their commercial needs.
  • Consistent output: Vietnam has a long history as a coffee producer and is well-versed in the industry. Furthermore, Vietnam’s natural environment is perfect for coffee cultivation.


  • Price comparison: Vietnamese green coffee beans are often around 5% less expensive than international coffee beans. This is a significant benefit for Vietnam since it allows the country’s coffee exporters to keep a large number of foreign consumers.
  • Products of excellent grade: The quality of coffee crops is heavily influenced by natural causes. Vietnamese coffee beans have a distinct flavor and perfume that is unlike any other coffee on the earth, thanks to the climate, rich terrain, and abundant water.

TOP 3 best Vietnam coffee exporters

Vietnam has been the world’s second-largest coffee exporter in terms of volume and fifth-largest in terms of value for many years. Furthermore, the best Vietnamese coffee exporters are well-known for their Arabica coffee.

Trung Nguyen Legend

Trung Nguyen Legend is a long-established Vietnam coffee exporter. Trung Nguyen sells roasted coffee, ground coffee, and the well-known G7 instant coffee, among other products. Trung Nguyen coffee is now available in most retail stores throughout the world, and it’s a great option for women.

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WhatsApp: +84 855555837

K-Agriculture Factory

For importers looking for green coffee beans, K-Agriculture Factory is a great option. The prices are low and the quality of the products is high since K-Agriculture Factory is sponsored by Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade. Furthermore, K-Agriculture Factory employs exceptional agricultural specialists that stay current on the latest information about the coffee trade sector in Vietnam and throughout the world, as well as how to communicate with suppliers.

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WhatsApp: +84 855555837

WS cafe

In Vietnam, WS Cafe is a prominent wholesale coffee provider. WS cafe offers a broad range of products to meet import demand, including green coffee beans, roasted coffee, ground coffee, powdered coffee, instant coffee, and so on.

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WhatsApp: +84 855555837