Cigarette cinnamon as a wonderful spice

Cigarette cinnamon as a wonderful spice

Cigarette cinnamon has experienced a high growth rate in recent years. 


A quick view about cigarette cinnamon


It is crucial to go through primary knowledge about this product such as product index, distributions, etc.

Vietnamese cinnamon

Product index

Uniform cigarette cinnamon need to obtain these standards below:

  • Moisture: 12%
  • Essential oil: 2 – 4%
  • Length: 8 – 10cm
  • Package: carton

These standards are popularly applied in the market. However, buyers can customize their cigarette cinnamon by sending requirements to sellers.

Types of cigarette cinnamon

There are many types of cigarette cinnamon. But just 2 of them are popular in the market right now.

  • Ceylon cigarette cinnamon: This cinnamon is almost exclusively grown in Sri Lanka. The product is widely enjoyed in the US and the majority of European nations due to its mild flavor and low level of coumarin.
  • Cassia cigarette cinnamon: Being cultivated in lots of regions, especially those in Asia.

Main distributions and consumers

In a report of OEC in 2019, the biggest cinnamon exporter in the world was Vietnam with 175 million dollars in export value, followed by Indonesia, China and Sri Lanka.

At the same time, India, the US and European countries were recorded to be top biggest cinnamon importers, including cigarette cinnamon.


Benefits of cigarette cinnamon


The advantages of this cinnamon towards  human health is undeniable. It does wonders for reducing inflammatory spots. Besides, it also has a huge effect in avoiding aging skin. Finally it is important to reduce blood sugar.

That evidence is continuously proved by a prestigious company, which is Holland&Barrets – a leading company in distributing supplementaries in England.


Top 3 cigarette cinnamon suppliers


Thousands of cigarettes in the suppliers in the market but it’s not easy to find a trustworthy one. At the end of this article is a list of three prestigious ones, which can help you to save your time.

Lak Cinnamon

Being one of the biggest companies in Sri Lanka, Lak Cinnamon is proud to give customers the best Ceylon cigarette cinnamon.


Having more than 20 years of experience of internationally trading cinnamon, K-Agriculture is able to provide buyers high-quality Cassia cinnamon with affordable prices.


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The Commerce

The Commerce is a company located in Indonesia. It deserves all the credits in cinnamon trading people give to it by offering customers good products including cigarette cinnamon.