Learning the production methods of white pepper

Learning the production methods of white pepper

Currently, pepper is becoming one of the export items that bring the highest value. In, white pepper is the most valuable type of pepper. Therefore, the trend of researching and using white pepper processing processes is of great interest.

Details of product

Produce white pepper by manual method

Black peppercorns are fanned, packed into bags and soaked, incubated in water tanks for 8-10 days, even these 10-15 days in ponds and lakes; 

  • When the white pepper has been soaked, it is picked up, scrubbed, washed, and washed for white pepper (white pepper can be soaked in clean water for 1-2 days to eliminate odors). 
  • Dried to a humidity of 12-13 degrees, packed in 2 layers (can be stored all year).

The disadvantage of these methods is the long soaking time of 10-15 days. Soaking water has a bad smell that affects the surrounding environment very badly and clings to the product which is difficult to eliminate. The pepper is dark in color and contaminated with microorganisms, the product quality is not good.

Produce white pepper by mechanical method

Use the machine with a 3-phase 380 V motor.

  • When the motor is in motion, the force is transmitted through the coil – roa B78 sng buri 1, mounted on this rotating shaft with a smaller buri 2. From small buri, the force of motion is transferred to buri 3 through the co-roa 2 wire.
  • This buri system helps the machine reduce drag during rotation, and at the same time reduces the rotation speed of the propeller. The Biru 3 is mounted with a follower shaft.
  • The process of collision between pepper and pepper, between pepper and propeller, between pepper and the tank wall, creates friction, causing the pepper shell to peel off, leaving only the pepper skull.

However, the collision process causes a large percentage of particle breakage and increases costs due to consuming a lot of electrical energy.

Produce white pepper by chemical method

Black pepper is soaked in water at a ratio of 1: 5 for 4 days, then boiled in 4% NaOH solution combined with stirring to separate the skin.

  • Products after shelling are bleached with 2.5% H2O2 solution, washed with water and then dried.
  • With this method, the total production time is 6-7 days. White pepper produced by this technology achieves sensory, physical and chemical standards.

The downside of this method is that it uses a lot of water. Only the process of softening the shell before incubation, the amount of water used is 30 times higher than the amount of raw materials. Using a lot of water in the production process increases costs and makes it difficult to treat wastewater, so this process is difficult to implement widely in production.

Produce white pepper by biological method

Using microorganisms

Bacillus bacteria, especially the combination of 3 strains of Bacillus mycoides, Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus brevis have celluase activity to decompose the outer shell of black pepper, allowing to shorten the peeling time (to 3 days). but pepper still retains its aroma and volatile oil resin.

However, this technology still has certain limitations in terms of food safety and hygiene, the soaking time before fermentation is quite long, so it is difficult to deploy mass application.

Using enzymes

Enzymes used in the production of white pepper are mainly cellulase, hemicellulase, pectinase and protopectinase enzymes that are capable of degrading the structure of the pepper shell. It is possible to use one type or combination of enzymes in the continuous soaking process, which shortens the production time, limits environmental pollution, but also reduces the amount of microorganisms and improves the quality of the product. This method is simple and easy to replicate production.

White pepper product

In general, the enzyme method has the following advantages: shortening production time, improving product sensory quality, reducing water use, and limiting environmental pollution. However, the disadvantage of this method is the increased production cost due to the use of commercial enzyme sources.

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