Mission and Vision of K-Agriculture Factory: change for better development

Mission and Vision of K-Agriculture Factory: change for better development

Focusing on exporting agricultural products, K-Agriculture is accessing many customers all over the world. Hence, Mission and Vision of K-Agriculture Factory is like their fir needle in development.

An overview of K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory is regarded as one of the best Vietnamese agricultural products exporters. Here is general information that buyers should know before working with.

Development history of K-Agriculture Factory

  • About K-Agriculture was founded as a small merchandise company to export some Vietnamese agricultural products to China in 1996.
  • In 2002, more products were added to the product list of K-Agriculture like coffee and cashew nuts. The company built a factory of rice and a factory of spices to extend the market.
  • Since 2010, K-Agriculture reached other markets such as the USA and Africa, which made big contributions to the company’s export volume.
  • In 2020, K-Agriculture succeeded in exporting rice, coffee, cashew and spices to over 100 countries and became one of the leading agriculture companies in Vietnam.


Locations of K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory is distributed from the north to the south of Vietnam.

  • Cinnamon and star anise factory located in Yen Bai province of Northern midland and mountainous region.
  • Pepper factory is in central Vietnam. Coffee factory located in Tay Nguyen – the pivotal area of coffee production.
  • Rice factory is in the Mekong delta accounting for about 90% of Vietnam’s rice exports.

Mission and vision of K-Agriculture Factory

With the development of the factory, K-Agriculture Factory has changed its mission and vision to match the factory’s current status.

Vision of K-Agriculture Factory

During 25 years of development, K-Agriculture is one of the leading wholesale companies in Vietnam which is powered by the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade.

  • 1996: Established as small merchandise to collect rice, corn, and nut from Vietnam to China.
  • 2000: Extend more products in the portfolio: Coffee, Cashew nut
  • 2005: Build a factory of Rice in South of Vietnam and a factory of Spices in North of Vietnam
  • 2010: Process the first order to USA and Africa after 15 years exporting to China
  • 2012: Go online, where partners worldwide can find us via website and Alibaba store
  • 2020: Successfully export to over 100 countries in the world focus on Rice, Robusta Coffee and Arabica Coffee, Cashew, and Spices

In the next decade, Vision of K-Agriculture Factory is to be the Top 10 Agriculture  Company in Southeast Asia and Top 100 Agriculture Expert in the world, especially for RICE – COFFEE – CASHEW – SPICES from Vietnam.

Mission of K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory’s biggest mission is to bring the best value of Vietnamese agricultural products to the world.

Exporting plays an important part in Vietnam’s economy and businesses gain lucrative profit from international trade. Vietnam is famous for being the second-largest rice exporting country as well as other agricultural products such as coffee, nuts, spices, cinnamon, and specialties. K-Agriculture growing company is built on a commitment to help Vietnamese farmers have a better and more prosperous life.


Leading products of K-Agriculture Factory

Staple products of K-Agriculture Factory are well-liked by the majority of customers and help them export in bulk.


Product list:

  • Standard products: ST05, ST24, 504 rice
  • High quality products: Brown jasmine and Japonica rice
  • Fragrant rice: KDM rice and jasmine rice

Factory information:

  • Drying capacity: 30 MT/hour
  • Milling capacity: 2500 MT/day
  • Storage capacity: 400000 MT


Product list:

  • Commercial coffee beans: Robusta and Arabica
  • Specialty coffee beans: Arabica Dalat – Cau Dat, Arabica Lac Duong, Arabica Lam Dong Honey, Robusta Lam Dong Honey

Factory information:

  • A large-scale modern factory: 14000 m2
  • High production scale: 5000 tons of Arabica coffee/year
  • Hot air roasting technology from Europe


Product list:

  • Cinnamon: stick cinnamon, cinnamon oil, cigarette cinnamon, cinnamon powder
  • Pepper: white pepper, light berry, pepper powder
  • Star anise: star anise whole, broken star anise, star anise powder, star anise oil

Factory information:

  • Safe and high quality output
  • Control the raw input from seeding in farm to packing

Reasons for choosing K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory is gaining popularity in the market thanks to a reliable supplier.

  • Specialized certificate
  • K-Agriculture Factory has some certificates in agricultural products like FDA, ISO22000:2018, HACCP, etc.
  • Good feedback of customers: K-Agriculture Factory has had the chance to serve customers from over 80 countries all over the world and win the trust of them in good products and services.
  • Professional services: K-Agriculture Factory provides customers with a public order process and clear payment policy, so the conflict is restricted and if buyers have any questions, feel free to contact us through customer services.
  • Diverse products with reasonable prices: K-Agriculture Factory supplies many kinds of products like rice, coffee, cashew nuts, spices with factory price, wholesale quantity and high quality.

If you want to know more about our agriculture products, please visit us at https://gab.com/Kagriculturecompany