Nolan Jolie Villa- one of the best project of K-Render

Nolan Jolie Villa- one of the best project of K-Render
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The Nolan Jolie home, which will be completed in 2020, is a 450-square-meter space inspired by opulence. K-Render was contacted by Mr. Nolan, the villa’s owner. For his villa, he needed 3D rendering. The information regarding the Nolan Jolie villa rendering product will be shown to you in the next post.

What the customers want in Nolan Jolie villa

Many representations are influenced by the thoughts and requirements of consumers.

Lighting in Nolan Jolie Villa

Mr. Nolan, the owner of the Nolan Jolie villa, stated that he wants the entire house to have the most complete lighting.

Nolan Jolie Villa

  • This needs a high number of windows as well as huge doors.
  • As a result, as much light as possible will enter the house from the outside.

Furniture in Nolan Jolie Villa

Mr. Nolan meticulously picked the luxury design of all of the house’s furnishings.

  • The living room couch set: is the focal point of the room; the material should be textiles, and the sofa leather, as well as the living room furnishings, should be brown, white, and cream in color. It’s identical to Ms. Ashley’s previous offering.
  • The bedroom’s bed and furniture must be beautiful but minimalist, and they must coordinate with the living room and other rooms.

Layout in Nolan Jolie Villa

There is one huge living room, one large kitchen, and one large bedroom in the Nolan Jolie villaArredamento Showroom project.


With 450 square meters of space, there aren’t many rooms. This demonstrates that each room is spacious and comfortable for Mr. Nolan’s family to live and rest in.

How K-Render do 3D rendering of Nolan Jolie Villa.

The customer’s initial concept is always a rough sketch with a few defects. The K-Render artists had to put in a lot of effort to accomplish those projects and produce the final 3D rendering product.

Lighting in Nolan Jolie Villa

In the process of rendering Nolan Jolie’s villa, the first element is light.
When visitors look at the drawings, K-Render artists will need to make sure they can sense the room’s openness and light.


What we do with lighting in Nolan Jolie’s villa:

  • Our rendering artists will identify ways to mix colors based on their years of experience in the sector. As well as directing sunshine to the photo’s and entire house’s highlights.
  • It’s not easy to set up photographs with so much natural light.
  • We used tools in rendering to lighten and brighten the scene as desired. But the problem is how to uniformly shine the light without it becoming smeared and indistinct.

Our painters will need to position and organize that light so that it shines exactly on the words that are deemed to be the most significant. Or the locations with the most appealing views. To provide the most accurate picture of the project to customers.

Material choices and interior details in Nolan Jolie Villa

Because rendering is the process of using computer or hand software to simulate a real-world scene. As a result, the most important factor for judging a beautiful image is its realism.


  • We will have to rely on the next component, the inner features and materials of the work, in order for the product to be depicted as realistically as possible.
  • Because this is a beautiful villa, the inside furnishings must be of the highest quality.
  • Pure copper, natural wood that has been thoroughly handled, and natural cowhide are some of the materials used in high-end furniture.
  • K-Render artists had to precisely portray the feel and color of these materials in order for viewers to sense their high-end.
    The rendering software was used by the artists to perform color correction and color mixing. To make the final product as realistic as possible, mix with room lighting.

How K-render choose camera angles for Nolan Jolie

The photographic viewpoint of Nolan Jolie’s villa is the final part.

  • With interior work, the amount of scenes as well as the building’s photographic angle will be determined by the size of each room.
  • The artists will have to portray this villa with more scenarios and establish
  • more filming angles than usual because it is a project with a vast space – 450 square meters.
  • Each room will feature a varying number of scenes and shooting angles depending on the region. The graphic artists will have to organize the filming angles in accordance with Mr. Nolan’s wishes.
  • Different points of view, such as the front, sides, and top to bottom, will frequently be used as shooting angles. All of them, like that project, are meant to show the viewer the total scope and inclusivity of the entire room.

Those camera angles are also used in some other projects such as  Sweet Butter Home project.

What the customer says about Nolan Jolie villa’s renderings.

Mr. Nolan is quite pleased with the quality and service experience at K-Render Studio after receiving the final rendering.


“Thank you K-Render Studio for accompanying me on this project,” Mr. Nolan said. This is by far the most successful endeavor I’ve ever been a part of. Hopefully, there will be more opportunity to work with K-Render Studio in the future.”