Outstanding product of K-Render – Sweet Butter Home

Outstanding product of K-Render – Sweet Butter Home
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We all know that perfecting a rendered product requires both preparation and design. Along with a team of talented and professional architects, K-Render is always confident that it can satisfy and bring customers the best products. In the following article, K-Render Studio we will introduce the Sweet Butter Home project.

About Sweet Butter Home project

The first part, let’s talk about the idea and layout of the house.

Customer’s first idea for Sweet Butter Home

Sweet Butter Home was one of the first projects we received in the field of interior rendering for private homes.

Customer’s first idea for Sweet Butter Home
  • The purpose of building the Sweet Butter Home project for our customer is to be able to create the most comfortable, modern and spacious living place for the host’s family.
  • Besides, the furniture or the color and layout of the house are directly selected by the owner and discussed and agreed with our rendering team.
  • After that, we signed the contract and started our Sweet Butter Home animation work. This rendering process will be discussed in detail and discussed in more detail in the second part.

Indeed, Sweet Butter Home is the effort of the entire rendering team as well as based on the great ideas of the customer. The house is a bright place with luxurious design but still extremely comfortable and sophisticated.

Layout of Sweet Butter Home

Out customer all 3D interior and 3D exterior rendering service for this project. Below is the layout of the house:

  • 1st Floor: living room and large kitchen adjacent to each other. There is also a bar in the kitchenette.
  • 2nd Floor: large bedroom with private office.
  • 3rd Floor: small bedroom and space for drying and washing clothes.

The rendering process of Sweet Butter Home

This part we will focus on the rendering process of this private house project. Hopefully, the information below can give you some inspiration for your own home.

Using light in the Sweet Butter Home project

Like in many other product introductions, we mentioned that the light element is an indispensable factor in the process of rendering interior or exterior. Therefore, in this article, we will also mention the first light. It is also the first step to completing a visualization product.

Using light in the Sweet Butter Home project
  • With Sweet Butter Home, the first and second floors have rooms such as living room, kitchen, large bedroom or rooms serving the essential needs of the family…We all use the most natural light techniques to Illustrate these rooms like we had done in Arredamento Showroom project. The goal is that when customers look at it, they will feel the soul of the picture and imagine the entire space of the room.
  • Besides, the decorated and displayed objects in each room will also be more prominent and more realistic thanks to the light of the outside environment. 
  • On the other hand, for the rest of the rooms, our rendering team will use lights to replace the outside light. Because the rooms are small, there is no need to show too much light. This will make the people living in the house feel uncomfortable. The light in each room will still be sufficient and make family members feel more cozy and comfortable.

Choosing the right furniture and colors for the house

Next, not only the light is essential, but the colors and materials used for Sweet Butter Home are equally important.

Choosing the right furniture and colors for the house
  • Firstly, we will talk about the color element. The main colors used in Sweet Butter Home are brown and white tones. Combining these two colors makes the K-Render team’s rendering process easier and gives more creative inspiration. 
  • Next, the interior in Sweet Butter Home is mainly wood and brick. Our illustrators will use tools in professional visualization software to create true-to-life colors. The gloss of wooden utensils is also meticulously and carefully illustrated by K-Render. The results show that customers are extremely satisfied with the colors and materials in the Sweet Butter Home renderings.

Setting the camera angle for Sweet Butter Home

Finding and setting the camera angle to be the most accurate and beautiful is the last element in the rendering process that we want to talk about.

Setting the camera angle for Sweet Butter Home
  • Firstly, for rooms with a large area such as the first floor space, the camera angle needs to be selected very carefully. The first floor is the room that leaves a lot of impressions for viewers as well as visitors to the house. Therefore, the photo angles need to show the entire space of the room. Besides, they need to show the highlights and beauty of the living room as well as the kitchen space of Sweet Butter Home.
  • Secondly, for the rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors (e.g. bedroom, office or exposure space..) there will be less photo angles because their area is narrower. Besides, for these rooms, our customers don’t ask for too many scenes. Therefore, our rendering team only renders 4-5 scenes for such rooms.

Customer comments about Sweet Butter Home

After receiving the final rendering product, our customers were very satisfied with the quality as well as the professional and intelligent working spirit of K-Render company.

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Customer comments about Sweet Butter Home

The Sweet Butter Home project is one of the projects that left the most impressions on our K-Render team. Hopefully future projects will be able to have even better things.

All contact information and questions please send to the address. We are very happy to cooperate with you and surely we will have a long working time.