Payment policy of K-Agriculture: Things to know before investing

Tin Tức Ngày Tết

Here is the payment policy of K-Agriculture that traders should consider before trading.

K-Agriculture – leading exporter

Payment policy of K-Agriculture: About us

Having over 25 years in the market, the K-agriculture factory has developed from a small business to become the leading exporter of rice, coffee, cashew, and spices in Vietnam. The factory is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade with the vision to bring Vietnamese agricultural products to the world.

Having an advanced milling and polishing chain with a capacity of 15000 tons/month, along with a 21500-ton storage capacity, K-agriculture factory has exported their products to over 80 countries around the world.

With the slogan “Quality is King”, K-Agriculture Factory always supplies customers with the best quality products at most reasonable prices.

Payment policy of  K-agriculture for orders under 20000 USD with contract

Here is our payment policy for order under 20000 USD 

Wire transfer form

Currently, all large and small banks in Vietnam support wire transfer. You need a bank account. In addition, you need to have the money transferor’s information such as:

  • Swift Code: Used to identify the sender’s bank, each bank will have a code to distinguish it from other banks in the world.

  • Bank account number ( K – Agriculture’s bank account number )

  • Name: Recipient’s name – Same as the name in the bank account and without accents. ( Mr . Trong Quy)

  • Phone number and Address to contact the recipient:

  • Address: 71 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ha Noi 100000
  • Phone: +84 855555229


  • to be sure and not to have problems with the transaction, you should contact your bank or call to confirm with K – Agriculture at the following phone number: +84 855555229
  • The bank transfer process will work from 2 to 3 days. After that, it will take 3 to 4 hours to convert from foreign currency to VND
  • Money transfer and withdrawal via Wire Transfer have the advantage that your money will be in the form of USD, which is very convenient for the payment process.
  • However, the transfer fee is quite expensive and there are many agreements because it has to go through many different banks. Fees from 30 USD – 50 USD (depending on the amount you withdraw)

Money transfer via Western Union and Moneygram

  • Western Union and Moneygram are both fast international money transfer services
  • You need to declare the personal information of the sender, recipient, passport number, contact address, account number.
  • Pay the remittance fee and transfer the amount to be sent to close the transaction. Provide money transfer code for K – Agricultural

Note:When transferring money using the service, you need to declare the legal purpose of money transfer, the reason for the transfer


  • Pay via PayPal: support payment quickly and conveniently

  • You can add a bank account, credit or debit card to pay for K – Agriculture

Money transfer through 3rd party

Partner or acquaintance who represents you in Vietnam will be responsible for payment to K – Agriculture with identification and general regulations

Payment policy of K-Agriculture for orders over 20000 USD with a contract

Here is our payment policy for orders under 20000 USD

K-Agriculture office

Commercial representative

  • We encourage money transfer through a third legal-commercial representative

  • Our company / or customers will communicate through a 3rd party – the person who performs the service as authorized

  • This activity is regulated by Vietnamese law under Clause 11 Article 3 of Commercial Law 2005

  • besides it is also generalized under Anglo-American law under the concept of Agency, French law: Agent commercial, German law: Absazmittler

  • The benefit of this form of payment is to limit risks and help both parties benefit when closing the price. Because the intermediary must be a merchant and have a legal status independent of the service hirer and the third party.

  • This helps to increase the security of the product, the two parties can quickly conduct the agreements in the sales contract

Letter of credit ( L/C )

You need to make a written conditional payment commitment from a financial institution (usually a bank) to the beneficiary of the L/C.

Party K – Agriculture will be responsible for providing the following:

  • Present the set of documents as prescribed by the L/C
  • Prove that K – Agri fulfills the obligation to provide goods or services within a certain period of time specified in the L/C
  • K – Agriculture fulfills its obligation to deliver goods or services, prepare documents, present the set of documents to the issuing bank or nominated bank within the time specified in the credit, for payment
  • At the request of the bank’s L/C, we will also provide the mandatory contents related to the contract of the two parties: product information, draft, commercial invoice, bill of lading, insurance documents, certificate of origin, product name, quantity, weight, packaging,..

To have more information, contact us via:

WhatsApp: +84855555694



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