Reasons make Vietnamese coffee export have impressive success

Vietnamese coffee export has developed around for more than a century and so far, coffee has become the main export agricultural product of Vietnam, second only to rice.

Vietnamese coffee export price

Vietnamese coffee export prices are typically 5% lower than those on the international market. When it comes to importing Vietnamese coffee, this is a big competitive advantage.

Coffee, on the other hand, is a price-sensitive commodity that is frequently traded in big amounts globally. As a result, logistical costs and local currency exchange rates have a significant impact on wholesale coffee pricing.

Due to internal and global influences, the wholesale price of Vietnamese coffee has grown in the previous three market years (MY).


The Covid-19 outbreak has been raging in Vietnam for the last two years, and farmers have had to deal with social isolation as a result, affecting the growth of coffee trees.
When employees at international seaports have positive instances of Covid-19, they must take time off or reduce their work hours, causing congestion at seaports and a rise in not just international shipping expenses but also yard costs.

Following the immunization effort, coffee demand for Vietnamese coffee wholesale of Europe and the United States soared once again. As a result of the disruption in supply, the price of Vietnamese coffee exports has risen.

The reduction in coffee export output by the world’s biggest coffee exporter, Brazil, has resulted in a substantial spike in world coffee wholesale prices, which has affected Vietnam as well.

Vietnamese coffee export competitive advantages

Since the turn of the century, Vietnam has cultivated and exported coffee. Over the course of a century, the coffee business has evolved and grown significantly.

Vietnamese coffee exports have significant competitive advantages over other coffee exporting countries due to the excellent environment and assistance of the Vietnamese government.


Stable output

The most significant benefit of Vietnamese coffee export is its consistent output. Despite being influenced by a variety of domestic and international variables, Vietnam’s yearly coffee output has remained rather stable. The good climatic conditions for growing were a significant role in helping Vietnamese coffee reach its pinnacle. Fortunately, Vietnam is one of the few nations in the world that is situated along the coffee belt. Vietnam also features a tropical monsoon climate, red basalt soil, and a substantial water supply from the Mekong river system. All three of the aforementioned criteria combine to create excellent circumstances for coffee growing.

Competitive price

Vietnamese coffee export prices are often lower than those found on the international market. This does not imply that Vietnamese coffee is of poor quality; rather, Vietnamese exporters decrease prices in order to participate in the competitive coffee market.


Tariff preferences

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) lowers the import duty on Vietnamese green or roasted coffee from 7-9 percent to 0%. This is a feature that benefits both Vietnamese coffee exporters and importers, lowering the price of Vietnamese coffee on the worldwide market.

Top 5 Vietnamese coffee export companies

Trung Nguyen Legend

One of the earliest Vietnamese coffee exporters is Trung Nguyen Legend. Trung Nguyen Legend’s goods are currently available in many countries throughout the world and include roasted coffee beans, instant coffee, and other items. Trung Nguyen coffee is marketed to the general public, therefore it may be found at supermarkets, grocery shops, and coffee shop chains.

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WhatsApp: +84 855555837

K-Agriculture Factory

The Vietnamese government authorized K-Agriculture Factory in 1996, and it became a pioneer in introducing Vietnamese green coffee beans to the world market. This Vietnamese coffee exporter operates on the premise of “Quality is King,” providing high-quality coffee beans that have been carefully picked and processed in accordance with modern international standards. Wholesale enterprises in Germany, the United States, Japan, and other countries are also major markets for K-Agriculture.

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WhatsApp: +84 855555837

Son Duong Coffee Co., Ltd

Son Duong Coffee is a Vietnamese coffee export firm that provides high-quality beans from high-quality growing places such as Buon Ho, the LangBiang plateau, and Tram Hanh – Da Lat.

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WhatsApp: +84 855555837


Because WSCAFE is inspired by “wholesale coffee,” it focuses primarily on the wholesale coffee market in order to boost the value of Vietnamese coffee exports in the global coffee export chain.

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WhatsApp: +84 855555837

Nguyen Coffee Supply

The first Vietnamese specialty coffee firm in the United States is Nguyen Coffee Supply. For four generations, Nguyen Coffee Supply has been exporting Vietnamese coffee.

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