Vietnamese long grain rice – the best choice for every customer

Vietnamese long grain rice – the best choice for every customer

Rice is a staple in Asian cuisine. Customers appear to be unaware of the advantages of the sort of long grain rice they are eating. Vietnamese long grain rice is well-liked and imported by many countries thanks to its benefits and a reasonable price.

Brief information about Vietnamese long grain rice


People consume rice almost every day but they do not know much about one of the products they are using – Vietnamese long grain rice.

Definition of Vietnamese long grain rice


The length of Vietnamese long grain rice is three to five times its width. Vietnamese long grain rice is more separate and drier when cooked since it has less starch, making it ideal for salads and stuffings. The husk, bran, and germ have been removed from Vietnamese long grain rice during the milling process. Furthermore, this refined rice is polished to make the grains of Vietnamese long grain rice brighter and more appealing.

Vietnamese long grain rice

Main locations Vietnamese long grain rice is cultivated


Vietnam has a notable rice culture, with two primary significant rice production areas, as well as several locations in central Vietnam that farm Vietnamese long grain rice.

The Mekong Delta

Farmers in the Mekong Delta seeded more than 1.5 million hectares in the summer-autumn harvest of 2021; production is anticipated at 5.66 tons/ha, up 0.11 tons/ha. The rice harvest is currently at its height, with overall crop yield projected at more than 8.5 million tons, an increase of 124,000 tons over the same time. Vietnamese long grain white rice is mostly grown in these region’s villages.

The Red River delta

Due to government measures to stimulate development, the area under rice cultivation in the Red River Delta has shrunk recently, but rice output has increased. In 2020, the Red River Delta farmed 484.4 thousand hectares, up 97.4% from the previous year. Because it is the preferred rice of major markets, Vietnamese long grain rice is the most common rice type in the Red River Delta.

Leading products of Vietnamese long grain rice


Almost all Vietnamese rice suppliers provide the following Vietnamese long grain rice because it is suitable for many people’s taste. 


Jasmine rice – a popular Vietnamese long grain rice 


Jasmine rice is cultivated in the Mekong Delta; when cooked, it is sticky and pleasantly aromatic, and when cooled, it is still tender. Therefore, Jasmine rice is popular in countries such as the US, Europe, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, and Ghana. This variety of Vietnamese long grain white rice is wet and slightly sweet, so it softens when cooked. When cooked, the fragrant rice grains become slightly sticky, but not as sticky as sticky rice. Jasmine rice exports accounted for 36.0% of overall exports in the first four months of 2021.

ST rice – the most delicious type of rice in the world


Engineer Ho Quang Cua successfully crossed ST25 rice, which is the best Vietnamese long grain rice. ST25 rice grains have a distinct scent of pandan leaves and young nuggets, which is detectable even while the rice is still new. More than 3,100 tons of ST25 rice were sold to the international market in the first nine months of 2021, an increase of 9-10 times over the same period previous year.

OM5451 rice


For high yield, OM 5451 rice was created from two rice varieties: Jasmine 85 and OM 2490. In the Mekong Delta, this Vietnamese long grain rice is frequently produced. OM 5451 rice has a high nutritional content and helps the body generate and restore energy fast. OM 5451 has a high grade of rice that meets export criteria, thus it is usually on the best-selling list in countries like the Philippines, East Timor, and Africa.

Main factors leading to the growth of Vietnamese long grain rice


The development of  Vietnamese long grain rice is subject to some main factors related to domestic and foreign cases.

Rice production


Rice cultivated area in the 2020 autumn-winter crop was 724 thousand hectares, down 0.2 thousand hectares from the previous autumn-winter crop. The whole country’s seasonal rice production area was 1,584.6 thousand hectares, down 27 thousand hectares from the previous year. Despite lower rice output, Vietnamese long grain white rice is still available in bulk for export and home consumption.

Rice demand


According to the USDA, global food consumption and reserves will remain high in 2021. Imports of rice are estimated to reach 44.79 million tons in 2020, up 1% from the previous year. Some markets that are expected to continue to increase rice imports are the Philippines (rise by 13%), Ghana (rise by 5.6%) and the European Union (rise by 2.1%). Vietnam is the Philippines’ second-largest rice import market, while Vietnamese long grain rice shipments to the Ivory Coast and Ghana are also significant.



Due to traffic congestion and supply delays at ports, deliveries and manufacturing are delayed. The cost of sea freight increases considerably, with a container costing $18,000 USD to ship to the United States.

Top reliable Vietnamese long grain rice suppliers


Here are some famous names of Vietnamese long grain rice suppliers that customers should know.

Gatrenco Joint Stock Company


Gatrenco concentrates on the exporting rice processing. Gatrenco can meet large orders as well as high product lines packed in 1kg-10kg bags according to the standards of supermarkets in Asia, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, etc with a warehouse system, modern equipment, a capacity of 2,500 tons/day, and a stable raw material area in the rice fields of the Mekong Delta. Vietnamese long grain rice provided by Gatrenco is jasmine rice, ST25 rice.

K-Agriculture Factory


K-Agriculture Factory is considered one of Vietnam’s best rice suppliers. K-Agriculture Plant exported rice to over 80 countries and got positive comments from global clients thanks to its sophisticated factory, which has a milling capacity of 2500 MT/day and a storage capacity of 400000 MT. Their major product is long grain rice from Vietnam, such as Jasmine rice, IR504 rice, ST25 rice and OM 5451 rice.

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