Tips To Buy Clothes From Vietnam To Maximize Cost-Effectiveness

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This educational blog offers worth-considering insights to better buy clothes from Vietnam, emphasizing pointers to steer clear of typical blunders.

Vietnamese apparel is gaining remarkable achievements in the global garment industry. This is due to its high quality and reasonable rates. This article will outline the procedures and some ways to buy clothes from Vietnam.

1. People’s curiosity about how to buy clothes from Vietnam is increasing

Vietnamese garments are not only affordable but also bring out superior quality. As a result, more and more people are curious about the ways to buy clothes from Vietnam.

  • Vietnamese garment is made generally from raw materials that are carefully selected before manufacturing. Then, production processes are carried out and closely supervised to ensure the high-quality final products.
  • The low-cost labor as well as the country’s abundance of raw materials are two factors that make Vietnamese clothes more affordable. At the same price, purchasing garments from Vietnam will result in far higher-quality than buying from other nations.
  • The cost of purchasing garments from Vietnam is low: The price is also highly proportionate with the quality. Thanks to Vietnam’s membership in a broad range of free trade agreements. The country has highly affordable taxes. As a result, buying clothes from Vietnam is less expensive than importing garments from several other countries.
  • Buying clothes from Vietnam is easy and less risky thanks to its favorable location and stable political environment. Vietnamese garment companies are also renowned internationally, further minimizing risk for importers.

Vietnam’s clothing industry is attracting growing interaction due to its high quality, reasonable costs, and easy import process.

2. Understand knowledge about Vietnam garment industry to buy clothes from Vietnam

Before buying clothes from Vietnam, you should consider the type of business, methods along with delivery and payment choices.

2.1 Kinds of Vietnamese garment company

Vietnamese garment firms are either producers, specializing in manufacturing, or commercial companies, specializing in sales. Newcomers to buying clothes from Vietnam may not realize these company types offer various benefits due to their distinct focuses.

  • Vietnam garment vendors, with their production infrastructure, focus on producing and wholesale, making it possible for buyers to buy clothes from Vietnam.
  • Unlike manufacturers, Vietnamese garment manufacturers import clothes from other suppliers and resell them, acting as intermediaries between manufacturers and clients.

Buying clothes from Vietnam offers consistent quality and reasonable prices, while commercial companies offer better service as well as diverse models.

2.2 Payment regulations

Most Vietnamese clothing wholesalers require a deposit (70-90%) before production, with the balance due before shipping. They accept various payment methods like bank transfers, VISA/Mastercard, Western Union, etc. Manufacturers can advise on the best payment option based on your location, order amount, and other factors.

2.3 Delivery regulations

Vietnamese clothing businesses offer various shipping options for online customers, including agents, DHL, UPS, and FedEx, depending on the market.

3. Tips to buy clothes from Vietnam

Buying clothes from Vietnam is a simple and convenient process that is akin to standard online ordering.

3.1 Select a prominent clothes vendors

To buy clothes from Vietnam, you need to consider what company requirements and make a list of Vietnamese garment vendors providing these products:

  • Utilize search engines such as Google or Bing to seek out wholesale garment manufacturers. The results can support you in identifying reliable suppliers.
  • Select businesses whose information is adaptable to the public and whose websites offer detailed information about their progress, items, and regulations.
  • Newcomers to buy clothes from Vietnam should request a video call to see manufacturers’ offices as well as products. If they refuse, remove them from your list.

When selecting Vietnamese clothing manufacturers, filter them by prices that match your budget and needs.

3.2 Negotiate a price

There are some tips below for get the best deal when dealing with Vietnamese garment companies:

  • When buying clothes from Vietnam, bargain with multiple sales from the same clothing suppliers because each person’s cost is different, leading you to choose the best deal.
  • Say that if they have the best prices, you will return for greater orders.
  • Ask the clothes vendor to give you a “trial discount” on your initial purchase.

You can bargain with the Vietnamese clothing supplier for a lower price by using the previously mentioned tips.

3.3 Purchase

The most important step in to buy clothes from Vietnam is placing orders:

  • To buy clothes from Vietnam, you’d better get in touch with the suppliers.
  • After discussing product details, the Vietnamese garment factory will offer a price quote depending on the customer’s specific needs like quantity, color, style, quality, and shipping time.
  • Design: The vendors will create designs and forward them to clients once it has received needs for models as well as designs.
  • Sign the contract: an exact contract of sale is necessary for every company with an aim to guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • When buying clothes from Vietnam, be aware that vendors typically require an 80% deposit to start manufacturing.
  • Start manufacturing: production is carried out at the factory; the length of time it takes depends on the quantity and type of product being produced.
  • Complete production and move on to delivery.

It is simple to buy clothes from Vietnam, so don’t worry too much about the progress.

4. Top prominent Vietnamese businesses to consider to buy clothes from Vietnam

Below is a list of trustworthy Vietnam garment vendors, which is compiled from customers and Ministry of Industry and Trade ratings of goods quality and cost.

4.1 Vinaz Garment

One of the best places to buy clothes from Vietnam is Vinaz Garment. The business is famous for offering excellent customer service together with premium clothes at an affordable price. Clients around the world should consider Vinaz Garment as a destination when you buy clothes from Vietnam.

  • Vinaz Garment is out-standing as Vietnam’s leading clothing manufacturer due to its commitment to delivering high-quality clothes. The company’s expert team ensures that every manufacturing stage is executed to ensure the high-quality final products.
  • Vinaz Garment provides different garment options in many styles, colors, and fabrics to meet customers requirements, from casual to formal wear.

Vinaz Garment is known for its excellent customer service, working closely with customers in Vietnam to meet their needs and offer customized solutions. The professional staff always strive to fulfill customer expectations.

To contact Vinaz Garment, you can reach out through these channels:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: (+84) 852579123

4.2 Sao Vang Rubber & Plastic Company

Sao Vang Rubber & Plastic Company is famous in both the Vietnamese and international markets for manufacturing superior rain gear. Because of their intensive knowledge, they have made a name for themselves in the global textile sector.

4.3 Nha Be Garment Corporation

Nha Be Garment Corporation is a notable supplier of various clothing products in Vietnam, with a wonderful reputation in the industry. Nha Be Garment Corporation can offer a wide range of clothing that is suitable for a number of occasions and styles, such as casual wear, sports, and fashion.

5. FAQs about tips to buy clothes from Vietnam

When buying clothes from Vietnam, some frequently asked questions are as follows:

5.1 If I don’t live in Vietnam, how can I buy clothes from Vietnam?

You can buy clothes from Vietnam by purchasing directly from suppliers or brands, using sourcing agencies, or shopping online.

5.2 Is it safe to buy clothes from Vietnam online?

Find out Vietnamese garment producers before buying online. Select trustworthy suppliers, read reviews, and use secure payment methods.

5.3 Is it possible to order samples in advance of making a large order?

Many Vietnamese garment businesses provide sample orders to verify quality as well as design before larger purchases.
To buy clothes from Vietnam, you’d better carefully plan, communicate and ensure quality assurance. Vietnam offers a diversity of choices for personal as well as business clothing needs.

For detailed information about Vietnam clothing prices, contact Vinaz Garment today! Our dedicated team will provide you with comprehensive pricing details and assist you in finding the best deals. Don’t miss out – contact Vinaz Garment now to streamline your sourcing process!

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