The facts about Vietnam clothing wholesalers

The facts about Vietnam clothing wholesalers

Vietnam clothing wholesalers have long attracted numerous well-known international brands, like Zara, Adidas, Nike, Calvin Klein, etc. You may learn everything there is to know about Vietnam’s clothes wholesalers and where to find low-cost, high-quality suppliers in this article.

1. Vietnam clothing wholesalers’ competitive advantage in the global apparel industry

Vietnam clothing wholesalers benefit greatly from supplying goods for the global market. Vietnam has a long history of producing garments, as well as an abundance of inexpensive raw materials, skilled labor, and cutting-edge equipment. The Vietnamese government also offers tax breaks and other favorable rules to clothes wholesalers who sell their products abroad.

1.1. Vietnam clothing wholesalers have access to low-cost, high-quality raw materials

Vietnam clothing wholesalers have a rich supply of native raw materials and a lengthy history in the textile industry. Vietnam’s proximity to China, the largest fabric supplier in the world, provides access to low-cost, high-quality raw materials for the apparel industry.

  • The country of Vietnam is home to numerous renowned traditional craft villages and a wealth of fabric raw materials.
  • Because Vietnam is adjacent to China, the nation with the greatest supply of fabric in the world, which has a significant and long-standing economic relationship with Vietnam, the raw materials utilized by Vietnam clothing wholesalers are inexpensive.

Using the aforementioned factors, Vietnam clothing wholesalers can choose and regulate the source of raw materials to create high-quality products.

1.2. Skilled personnel can be found at Vietnam clothing wholesalers

Vietnam clothing wholesalers today employ more than 2.5 million people in Vietnam, accounting for about 25% of all workers in the processing and manufacturing industries. Vietnamese people are renowned for their diligent work habits and meticulous attention to detail.

  • Employees at distributors of apparel in Vietnam are very skilled. Vietnamese apparel manufacturing has a lengthy history, and the older generations have a wealth of wisdom to impart to the younger generations. 
  • A competent and early textile profession was made available to people because of the nation’s very early establishment of large craft villages.

Vietnam has a huge labor pool and a high number of young people, which results in inexpensive labor costs.

1.3. Vietnam clothing wholesalers have cutting-edge equipment and technology.

Vietnam clothing wholesalers employ stringent quality control and production procedures to produce the best goods for the market. Vietnamese wholesalers of apparel are outfitted with cutting-edge tools and machines to boost output and product quality.

Vietnamese clothes wholesalers routinely update their products with new technology because the country has a long history of producing apparel.

  • Vietnam’s economy depends heavily on the production of clothes, so the government constantly emphasizes supporting and enhancing the machinery and equipment used by Vietnam’s wholesale clothing businesses.
  • To keep up with the high level of specialization in the sector, Vietnam clothing wholesalers make investments in specialized technology and equipment.

Customers may now view products online rather than having to physically visit a Vietnamese clothing factory because of the growth and application of information technology and digitalization in production.

1.4. Vietnam clothing wholesalers have affordable pricing

Vietnam clothing wholesalers are widely known for offering excellent products at incredibly low prices.

  • Wholesalers of apparel in Vietnam have inexpensive and plentiful raw materials. The input supply is consistent, and the raw material and accessory production for Vietnam’s apparel sector is cost-effectively optimized. This is one of the reasons Vietnam clothes wholesalers can offer affordable products since their production costs are lower than those of other nations.
  • Vietnam has a sizable proportion of young people in its population, a large labor pool, and low labor costs. This enables wholesalers of apparel in Vietnam to lower production and operating costs while still offering high-quality goods at competitive pricing.

The Vietnamese government has also constantly provided support to companies that make apparel. Vietnam clothing wholesalers won’t be charged import duties on any of the raw materials they bring in.

1.5. Government policies in Vietnam clothing wholesalers

Several government initiatives encourage Vietnam clothing wholesalers to export their goods abroad. Buying wholesale Vietnam clothing is also easier than buying from others.

  • Vietnam clothing wholesalers won’t be charged taxes on imported materials. When buying wholesale Vietnam clothing, the products of Vietnam’s wholesale apparel companies are also more easily able to enter overseas markets because of their participation in numerous trade agreements.
  • To help expand the market for Vietnam clothing wholesalers, trade promotion and international cooperation activities of Vietnamese trade agencies in other countries and in the nation are crucial. These activities link domestic enterprises with foreign markets in addition to actively introducing products through international fairs and exhibitions, the media, the internet, and even to foreign textile and garment enterprises.

Constantly negotiated free trade agreements offer Vietnam clothing wholesalers excellent chances to expand significantly on the global market and make it easier for them to access new markets like Canada and Australia.

Vietnam clothing wholesalers’s competitive advantage in the global apparel industry

2. Various Vietnam clothing wholesalers

Vietnam clothing wholesalers operate both industrial and commercial operations.

2.1. Clothing factories are the first category of distributors in Vietnam clothing wholesalers

An example of a Vietnam clothes wholesaler is a clothing manufacturer, which produces and sells clothing products directly to clients without the use of middlemen.

2.1.1. Characteristics of Vietnam clothing wholesalers

The clothing factory has facilities, tools, and a staff of employees that are skilled in producing clothing and offering goods directly to customers:

  • Production facilities, sophisticated equipment, manpower, and raw materials are all available in clothing factories for the direct creation of goods. Typically, wholesalers, distributors, and trade brokers are their clients.
  • Since the focus of this kind of Vietnam clothing wholesalers is on production, the amount of marketing, customer service, and promotional activities will be minimal.

Vietnam has both rural and urban areas with clothing manufacturing, ranging from small producers to major ones. While ordering, they also have a minimum quantity requirement.

When learning about Vietnam clothing wholesalers, you should be aware of the characteristics of Vietnamese clothing factories.

2.1.2. Benefits of purchasing garments from Vietnam clothing wholesalers

The quality of the clothes you receive will be stable, and they will be more reasonably priced if you purchase them from Vietnam clothing wholesalers:

  • Without middlemen, Vietnam’s garment producers are able to sell their products for less than other commercial clothing companies.
  • Vietnamese clothing wholesalers and Vietnam textile manufacturers have more control over their supply chain, which allows them to supervise the production process and ensure consistent and stable product quality and design.

Since this particular wholesaler of Vietnam clothing wholesalers is a factory, the status of the orders is updated more precisely and thoroughly. Vietnam’s textile companies offer reasonably priced clothing with reliable quality and styles.

2.2. The second category of wholesalers in Vietnam clothing wholesalers

These wholesalers of clothes in Vietnam work as middlemen, purchasing goods in bulk from textile mills and reselling them to traders, retailers, and wholesalers.

2.2.1. Characteristics of Vietnam clothing wholesalers

Companies that sell clothing serve as a link between consumers and clothing manufacturing and are essentially commercial intermediaries. These Vietnam clothing wholesalers lack the factories, machinery, and equipment necessary to create the garments, but they frequently own warehouses where the products are kept. Typically, their clients are smaller shops, wholesalers, or end users.

Commercial apparel companies spend in marketing, brand building, and customer support services because they lack the necessary machinery and factories.

2.2.2. Benefits of shopping with Vietnam clothing wholesalers

If you purchase from commercial apparel providers, you will have access to a wider range of products and knowledgeable customer service.

  • To give clients more options when buying, this kind of Vietnam clothing wholesalers chooses the sources of its input products and diversifies its product line.
  • They concentrate on customer service, marketing, and advertising initiatives. Since they are trading companies, they have a lot of expertise advising your company on current product trends and giving you a competitive edge.

If you work with commercial apparel firms, you’ll get top-notch goods and services. Yet, because they are commercial middlemen, the cost of the goods from these Vietnam clothing wholesalers will be higher.

Vietnam clothing wholesalers is a good choice

3. Vietnamese clothing wholesalers’ capacity to supply the global market

Vietnam clothing wholesalers are expanding their market share abroad and exporting an increasing amount of their products to numerous nations.

  • Vietnam clothing wholesalers can be found from the North to the South of the country, numbering over 5000. Although there are facilities with 600 employees that can generate 12 different product codes at once, management is incredibly challenging. Generally, only 2 or 3 product codes may be created with this amount of labor and space. These benefits make Vietnam garment factory list the top choice when placing an order.
  • Vietnamese manufacturers of clothing are highly specialized, well-equipped with tools and technology, and methodically follow the manufacturing stages and methods.

Vietnam clothing wholesalers industry outsold Bangladesh to move up to second position behind China in the world export rankings with exports to 66 countries and territories. Vietnam’s biggest export customers include the United States, China, the European Union, and Japan.

4. Vietnam clothing wholesalers supply a number of global giant brands with clothes

Some well-known global companies, like Nike, Adidas, Uniqlo, and others, select Vietnam clothing wholesalers as key business partners and suppliers.

  • Prominent shoe companies like Nike, Adidas, and Puma choose famous Vietnamese clothing wholesalers such as Vina Z Garment, May 10, TNG… as their production facilities, and these companies purchase roughly 30% of their output from Vietnamese clothing wholesalers.
  • Many Vietnam clothes wholesalers work with large apparel companies like Mango, Zara, Uniqlo, H&M, etc. as their ordering and purchasing partners.

Big brands have been and still are closely tied to Vietnam’s clothing wholesalers, even during the challenging time brought on by the unanticipated effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. This is because production level and worker skills are constantly improving, machinery is heavily invested in, and the industry is growing rapidly.

5. Several Vietnam clothing wholesalers produce highly lucrative products

After a period of exile brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a growing demand for imported clothing, particularly in Vietnam clothing wholesalers export markets like the US, EU, Japan, etc. The demand for apparel from Vietnam’s wholesale clothing has surged as more nations have reopened. Shirts, khaki pants, and windbreakers are a few essential goods from Vietnam’s clothes wholesalers.

5.1. T-shirts are a common purchase for Vietnam clothing wholesalers

All ages and genders enjoy wearing t-shirts. It is undoubtedly a challenging undertaking to win over the hearts of picky customers in huge markets. It is a drawn-out procedure that calls for heart and vision from Vietnam clothing wholesalers. These are the principles that Vietnamese wholesalers of apparel constantly uphold when choosing the materials for production, carrying out the production, and supplying the international market.

  • Vietnamese wholesalers of clothing are particularly demanding about quality as well as design flair. Vietnam clothing wholesalers have introduced numerous more fashion collections for t-shirt items to reflect the most recent fashion trends, guaranteeing a fashionable and opulent look for the wearer.
  • T-shirts from Vietnamese clothes wholesalers also guarantee decent absorption, aren’t overly stretchy, and promise not to ruffle after some wear.

In addition, T-shirts at Vietnam wholesalers of apparel are extremely reasonably priced and of great quality. When purchasing from Vietnam’s clothes wholesalers, you will receive t-shirts of a higher caliber and more durability than when purchasing from other nations, which will increase your company’s profit margin.

5.2. Khaki pants are one of Vietnam clothing wholesalers’ top-selling items

The Vietnam khaki pants product line has long been a favorite among men due to its cool fabric, which effectively absorbs sweat and gives the wearer a comfortable feeling.

  • Vietnamese khaki pants have a terrific feeling, exalting serious luxury while also being beautifully modern and attractive thanks to the fabric’s 100% cotton composition. If you keep this item in stock from Vietnam clothing wholesalers, many clients of various ages and demographics will undoubtedly visit your company.
  • Moreover, Vietnam khaki pants come in a variety of colors and patterns, giving your clients more options and boosting your company’s sales.

Customers who purchase in bulk can take advantage of special offers and discounts from Vietnam clothing wholesalers. The price decreases as you make more purchases, but the quality is still assured.

No matter which wholesaler you choose to buy clothing from, it is important that you do your research and choose a reputable company that offers quality products at reasonable prices. If you are abroad and want to buy clothes from Vietnam, refer to the following article to have a smooth purchase: