Viet Agri Wholesale is The Most Reputable Site For Shopping Vietnam Agricultural Products 

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Trading in agricultural products can yield gains equivalent to those made in other markets if you know how to take advantage of the big consumer market and the large price disparities between the site of production and the place where the product is sold to consumers. any business. Visit Viet Agri Wholesale to start expanding your company’s profits.

1. Viet Agri Wholesale is a pioneer when building a company to export Vietnam agricultural products

This is the foundation of our website, and the primary intent behind the creation of this website was to facilitate the exchange of commercial expertise in the area of Vietnam agricultural products.

  • When Viet Agri Wholesale Factory first started off, we had a burning desire to see high-quality Vietnamese agricultural products exported all over the world.
  • We pay attention to the number of traditional Vietnamese products that are carefully farmed and cared for by farmers, in addition to those who want to start a business in the agricultural sector. 
  • Those who want to start a business in the agricultural industry include: Because of this, the company Viet Agri Wholesale Factory took the initiative to start its own business.
Viet Agri Wholesale provides Vietnam agricultural products
Viet Agri Wholesale provides Vietnam agricultural products

2. The initial phase of the Viet Agri Wholesale operation when exporting Vietnam agricultural products

We chose to launch Viet Agri Wholesale after it began as a business blog with the goal of informing clients about the prices of all Vietnam agricultural products currently available on the market, in addition to recommending the most helpful products and offering advice on how to buy more efficiently.

  • Our work is supported by some of the most knowledgeable professionals in product cultivation, packaging, and production. They are the foremost authorities in their field, able to evaluate the level of quality while also revealing the key to successfully fulfilling an order both domestically and internationally.
  • Many readers, particularly those doing business in other countries, have expressed their enthusiasm for the website known as Viet Agri Wholesale and the social site known as Twitter of Viet Agri Wholesale. This is the feedback that we have received from our clients regarding Viet Agri Wholesale – You provided me with the most insightful and helpful guidance that I have ever obtained regarding how to make an investment in black pepper.
  • It is pretty interesting to hear your perspectives on the various agricultural products and the prices on the market.
  • I had never considered making a financial investment in agricultural products before I came across Viet Agri Wholesale. You wouldn’t believe it if you knew that ever since I began reading the information on their website, which marked the beginning of the golden age in the Cassia cinnamon import industry.

Viet Agri Wholesale Factory makes the commitment to provide you with additional benefits in the form of high-quality, environmentally friendly agricultural products and become a reliable Vietnam agricultural products supplier of all customers.

3. The present situation of exporting Vietnam agricultural products of Viet Agri Wholesale 

We have been a part of the agricultural sector for a good number of years and have garnered a lot of appreciation for the quality of our Vietnam agricultural products  as well as our service to our customers.

3.1.Cinnamon is the product line that receives the most attention in the spice segment

Customers who have made large purchases of our raw and processed cinnamon products – one of the most famous Vietnam agricultural products have the most enthusiastic reactions to our Cassia line. They laud it and say it is their favourite product line.

  • We are able to provide items made with Cassia cinnamon at the most affordable rates thanks to the manufacturing partnerships we have cultivated with industry leaders. 
  • You can get additional spice goods, such as pepper and star anise, on the website. Customers fall in love with both of these spice product lines almost as soon as they get their hands on the merchandise for the first time.

3.2. Some of Our Other Favorite Products from the Farm


  • Due to the significant amount of caffeine that it contains, robusta is one of the most popular ingredients used to produce coffee around the world. Robusta is the type of coffee that is typically utilized in the production of instant coffee and espresso.
  • Tay Nguyen is a native of Vietnam, which is the primary provider of Robusta coffee around the world and where wholesale coffee beans can be purchased. This is also where Tay Nguyen learned how to cultivate the many types of coffee beans that result in exceptional quality.
  • The Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Wholesale Company provides wholesalers in Vietnam with the highest-quality green Robusta coffee beans available in the country. You can get a better deal if you buy in large quantities.
Vietnamese rice
Vietnamese rice


  • At the World’s Best Rice event, which was held in Manila, Philippines, organized by The Rice Trader, the ST25 rice produced in Vietnam came out on top, beating out the rice produced in both Thailand and Cambodia.
  •  Because of this, Vietnam’s ST25 rice has improved its standing in the global market and is now qualified for export.
  • Because of its exceptional qualities, ST25 rice has garnered a well-deserved reputation, and it is currently one of the most popular types of rice to be imported by a variety of nations all over the world. 
  • Because of its exceptional qualities, ST25 rice has garnered a well-deserved reputation, and it is currently one of the most popular types of rice to be imported by a variety of nations all over the world. 
  • The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and Korea are among the markets that get ST25 rice for export. ST25 rice, which is distributed by Viet Agri Wholesale, guarantees both the highest possible quality and quantity of product to each individual consumer. To have more confidence in buying Vietnamese rice, you can read this article to know the outstanding feature of Vietnamese rice.