3 Amazing Updos and how you get them on your own! 

3 Amazing Updos and how you get them on your own! 
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The bun is a hairstyle that gives her a dynamic beauty. In particular, on hot summer days, this hairstyle seems to become more and more popular.


However, how to get a beautiful, neat bun that looks youthful and exudes the harmonious beauty of the face? Let’s refer to the list of 7 popular hairstyles for stylish women in the article below to better understand. 

Beautifully twisted updo

If you are looking for a fancy hairstyle that is designed on the top of the head to highlight the face trait, this updo is absolutely for you. Even for the first time, users can easily apply this fashionable hairstyle for your beauty. 


You are likely to be interested in the order of hair strands, which makes gentle and softness for women. Whatever you need is a bobby pin, the main factor for this style is to fix the hair texture. Besides, some texture spray or powder makes a great contribution to build a little chalky texture in the hair for grip which are a must- have hair tools to follow this style as easily as possible. 

More importantly, elegant women can use beautifully twisted updos when they are taking part in casual occasions or even special ones such as weddings, parties or meetings as well. 

To maintain the best hair condition for a gorgeous twisted updo, don’t forget to carefully take care of your hair and have it so smooth and silky. You can try oil for your low porosity hair if it is the issue to get better hair as well. It definitely will work.

Modern curly French roll

Hassle- free, elegant, gorgeous are described when it comes to Moder curly French roll. In case you don’t want to restyle curly hair strands because of their complication, don’t hesitate to try this hairstyle with a range of pros. 

Probably, readers have the ability to see modern curly French roll on a frequent basis at wedding or outdoor events.


Similarly twisted updo, users need to prepare 10 to 15 bobby pins to make sure you are holding the hair strands. 

Hair needs to be put into a certain side firstly. Next thing we need to keep hair with pins and prepare to create a tiny loop bun at the end of your hair. The next step is to toll hair at the center position and fix hair with surrounding pins. Don’t forget to put a hair clip with scallop and use spray with a medium hold hair. 

To make it stand out, add basic accessories or rhinestone embellishments for modern curly French roll. 

Romantic French twist updo

Users can take the following content into consideration to apply this trendy updo for your hairstyles: 


  • Step 1: The first step is to use a volumizer on damp hair and then use a hair dryer with a round boar-bristle brush to add extra volume.
  • Step 2: Next, pull hair strands back and bind with a clear band in a low ponytail away from the nape of your neck. Grab a little section of hair from the middle of the pony and hold it steady as you side the elastic up towards your head with your other hand to add volume to the crown.
  • Step 3: place one hand in the center of the back of your head, fingers down, and coil your ponytail around your index and middle fingers with the other. It should be secured along the way. 
  • Step 4: Gently loosen strands at the top and sides of your head, as well as around your face, with your fingertips.
  •  Step 5: To make the appearance last, spritz it with a firm-hold hair spray.

Nowadays, we have a range of gorgeous hairstyles when we search for “ amazing updos” on the Internet. We are offering three special updo hairstyles as suggestions for people to apply by yourself. Hope you find the best suitable for your hairstyle to become gorgeous and attractive.