Things you need to know about hair growth pills

Things you need to know about hair growth pills
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No one wants to waste time, effort, or money for dyed hair. So don’t forget to use hair growth pills when coloring! Here are everything you need to know about hair growth pills in this article below.

What are hair growth pills

hair growth pills are products that help to balance hair color. When you choose to dye your hair a deep moss green, or dye it with smoky green, blond etc. Bleaching is inevitable. 

  • For many people with the characteristic of black hair. You cannot bleach your hair to white or platinum; which can only be yellow or orange. 
  • So to be able to become white, silver or platinum as you want, it is necessary to use a toner to balance hair color. 
  • On this “white background” you can freely “paint” the color you want; such as deep moss green, pink, blue.

That is why hair growth pills is important if you have dyed or bleach hair since it will help your hair color from fading out.

Do hair growth pills maintain dyed hair color without fading

The truth is NO. hair growth pills are only responsible for helping dyed hair to have a more standard color. You can customize warm or cool tones for your hair color as you like. 

Thanks to this correction, you can freely show off your hair with bouncy, shiny, and vibrant hair. So if you see anyone advertising hair growth pills to help maintain hair color for a long time, styles; You should check it out before you buy it!

What color hair growth pills should I choose?

hair growth pills have many different colors, including blue, purple, silver… Depending on your hair color, you can consider the color of the toner. 

For example, if your hair is too blonde. You should choose contrasting hair growth pills colors like blue or purple. Or dyed hair dark moss green, then choose another hair growth pills. However, this also depends on your skin tone. Therefore, you should seek professional hairdressers for better color advice.

If you are wonder whether this hair growth pills have the side effects or not, you can find more support from hair traders from the best Chinese synthetic hair factories.

Benefits of using hair growth pills when hair is dyed

Currently on the market there are many methods to balance hair color. There are 3 basic ways that you can see most often: using hair growth pills, purple conditioner and ultra violet conditioner. 

  • However, compared to hair growth pills, the other 2 methods are quite time consuming; they do not give immediate results. 
  • For purple conditioner, if you don’t want your hair color down quickly. You need to wash your hair 2-3 times a week to really keep the color for a long time. An ultra violet conditioner is only used for hair with color loss. If the original hair is not balanced, it is a bit difficult to get the right tone. 
  • With these 3 methods, whether your hair is dyed in dark moss green, smoky green, .. or bleached hair, you will feel more secure.

Therefore, hair growth pills is the perfect choice if you want to dye your hair dark moss green or light tones; completely different from black hair, up to standard and faster, without being “jagged” and unsightly. Besides, when using, apply hair growth pills. You have created a strong barrier to protect the hair strands from the harmful effects of dyes and ensure the bounce of the hair. You can find more benefits and the proper use of hair growth pills by contacting Queen Hair enterprise, one of the best hair factories in Vietnam. 

Care for dyed hair with hair growth pills

Besides using shampoos and conditioners to prevent hair damage. You also need to take care of the hair growth pills again after about 1-2 weeks so that the hair is not “less sharp”. Especially for those of you who choose to have dark moss green dyed hair, so that the black and yellow hairs (colors after bleaching) bother you, you should take care of it with hair growth pills.