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How to care for or preserve bone straight hair extensions? Here are some tips on how to preserve this kind of bone straight hair extension and grow your business. From wholesalers, you can get every helpful tip for preserving this type of bone straight hair extensions in this article.

You must be aware of the facts before caring for your bone straight hair extensions

All women want hairstyles that are bone straight hair extensions. Everything might fade as time goes on, but only hair that is bone straight remains in fashion.

  • Customers who appreciate beauty and hair dealers alike frequently refer to hair as being “bone straight hair extensions”. It’s time for you hair beginners to learn about this top-selling product.
                          African women adore having their hair cut in a bone straight style.
  • From reputable hair suppliers, both natural straight and bone straight are made from 100 percent real human hair. Vietnamese hair is naturally straight when it is naturally straight, whereas bone straight hair extensions have been heated and steam straightened. As a result, bone straight hair is more straight than natural straight hair.
  • The manufacture of bone straight hair extensions requires steam, heat, and Vietnamese herbs; however, this does not imply that it is chemically processed.
    What are the best ways to maintain bone straight hair extensions that is perfectly straight? Let’s go on to the section after this.

Keep these four things in mind to keep your bone straight hair extensions

You may maintain your hair in a bone straight state by doing a few things, which I will detail in this section.

Using a hair straightener as opposed to an iron is the best way to maintain bone straight hair extensions

It must be made clear that while an iron is used for fabrics and garments, specialized tools, such a hair straightener, are needed for bundles of bone straight hair extension. The hair straightener must have a certain surface covered with keratin and coconut oil to avoid color fading or dry hair. These are some ways to care for your bone straight hair extensions.

                                               Bone-straightening hair straightener
  • Step 1: To make straightening your hair easier, step one is to divide it into pieces.
  • Step 2: Set the straightener’s temperature between 25 and 30 degrees. To prevent damage to the bone straight hair extensions, you should be mindful of temperature. To prevent damage to your hair, which is perfectly straight, you should choose a high-quality straightener.
  • Step 3: Use the straightener to comb your bone straight hair extensions in the sections you separated it into from top to bottom until it is completely dry.
  • Step 4: To complete preserving your bone straight hair extensions, repeat Steps 1-3 with the remaining portions.
    The hair straightener is a common item in all hair salons, and no hairstylist uses an iron on clients. So let’s choose the appropriate hair tools for your bone straight hair extensionsin order to keep the styles.

Correctly using a tail comb to keep your bone straight hair extensions

Discover below the advantages of frequent brushing as well as the correct way to brush your bone straight hair extensions with tips on how to use a tail comb.

  • It would take a lot of time and work for you to wash your hair every day if it were bone straight hair extensions. As a result, you should brush it frequently to make the hair shinier and more resilient. But you must brush the hair correctly if you want it to last longer.
  • Hair should be brushed at least twice each day. When combing your bone straight hair extensions properly, you should start at the roots and work your way down to the ends.
  • Your hair should be combed through with a heated comb for best results. A hot comb uses heat to straighten your hair while also giving it a smooth texture.
    Therefore, your bone straight hair extensions will profit much from a straightforward daily program.

The most crucial step in maintaining bone straight hair extensions is cleaning.

Why is it important to know how to wash bone straight hair extensions that are bone straight? Real human hair has some of these qualities:

  • Human hair may be knotted, dry, or shed.
  • Due to airborne dust, particularly in humid environments, human hair can get greasy and unclean.
    So washing your bone straight hair extensions and applying conditioner is a must if you want to keep your hair bone straight and not worry about it tangling.

Utilizing protein-rich natural oils, hair serum, and hairspray is another way to keep bone straight hair extensions

  • Lack of protein in bone straight hair extensions causes frost in the summer and early fall. Actually, the greatest times of year to take extra protein treatment are in the summer and fall. The excessive moisture in the air could result in weak, “mushy” strands. As a result, you should closely monitor your protein therapy and hair.
  • Whether you want to strain your hair or not, hair breakage can be avoided in the summer and the early fall when protein treatments may cause dry, fragile hair in the winter. If you don’t have enough time to perform numerous individual processes to maintain your hair in its ideal condition, hair spray that contains keratin, protein, collagen, etc. is a great option for you.
  • It’s not tough to keep bone straight hair extensions. Because of the aforementioned characteristics, the hair is stress-free. However, frequent maintenance is necessary to preserve the texture. This includes washing your bone straight hair extensions carefully every day and keeping it away from extreme heat and humidity.

5S Hair – The biggest bone straight hair extensions factory in Vietnam with reasonable price

Since 1989, 5S Hair Factory has been the first Vietnamese hair factory to open in Vietnam. It offers extensions made entirely of virgin Vietnamese human hair, Remy extensions, clip-in extensions, tip/tape extensions, etc. that are all of the highest quality.
Two characteristics help distinguish products from 5S HAIR:

  • We don’t collect hair from women who use chemical shampoo.
  • They care for their hair with organic plants and herbs including lemongrass, pomelo skin, and locust.
                               Contact Whatsapp: +84855555754 (Ms.Lily) to get the best deal!

When you purchase bone straight hair extensions from 5S Hair, a hair specialist will get in touch with you and provide the best recommendations for hair extension items that fit within your spending limit as well as numerous practical tips for maintaining razor-straight hair. They may also respond to any queries you may have regarding bone straight hair extensions.

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