How do raw Asian and raw European hair differ from one another?

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Europe is another prospective hair market that shouldn’t be overlooked, in addition to the growing popularity of Asian nations in the human hair bulk sector. We will cover the fundamental information about raw European hair in this article.

Features of Hair Sold by raw European hair Vendors

If you wish to purchase hair from raw European hair vendors, you must first comprehend their qualities and costs, which are listed just below:

Raw European hair is well-liked since it is of excellent quality and has an undamaged cuticle. The hair’s cuticle is its outermost layer. The cuticles shield the hair from damage and tangling after use or brushing.

Features of Hair Sold by raw European hair Vendors

Typically brown or light in color, natural raw European hair has a fine, silky texture. Usually, people buy European hair to use straight away, without bleaching or coloring it a different hue. This hair type is extremely pricey and adored by many customers due to its exclusivity and distinctive characteristics. 

A list of raw European hair suppliers

Wholesale Russian hair extensions vendors are renowned for its Slavic hair brand, which is a popular European hair type. Hair extensions and hairdressers frequently refer to slavic hair. Slavic hair is the height of hair beauty and a sign of wealth; it is frequently referred to as “Russian/Ukrainian Gold.”

Due to the influence of the political regime of the former Soviet Union, wholesale Russian hair extensions vendors used to purchase 

An overview of Brazilian hair extension wholesalers

  • Virgin Brazilian human hair bulk has the best softness and requires the least amount of upkeep, and the texture complements the majority of hair types.
  • However, did you realize that most Brazilian hair does not originate in Brazil? Brazilian hair is typically just referred to by agents as a way to win over customers’ trust and promote their brands since they are aware that consumers genuinely enjoy Brazilian hair.
  • Where does most Brazilian hair come from, then? Statistics show that “Brazilian hair” is actually mainly imported from hair factories in other countries including Vietnam, India, China, and some Asian ones.

The largest wholesale hair suppliers in Asia are Vietnamese hair vendors.

  • Source: Highland women are the main source of hair collection. They have healthy, natural-looking hair because they are in good health, frequently work outside in the sun, and reside in a relatively chilly climate. This is another element that prolongs the life of Vietnamese hair. Additionally, they commonly use organic herbal remedies to promote healthy hair from within.
  • It is great for African skin tones and fashion trends thanks to its soft, dark, and natural shine. The natural color, silky feel, and durability of hair can all be preserved while being fashioned in a number of appealing, distinctive, or uncommon ways. Vietnam is one of the reliable wholesale hair suppliers, thus.
  • Affordable Cost: Although Vietnamese hair is not as inexpensive as Chinese or Indian hair, its price is reasonable given its high quality. Pricing typically starts at 8.9 dollars a bundle, which is great for customers looking to buy in bulk and increase their revenue in the hair industry.

Chinese hair vendor 

  • In actuality, China possesses the most varied hair resource base in the entire globe. They can only buy a very little amount of hair from native individuals; instead, they usually buy hair from neighboring Asian countries including India, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
  • It is appropriate for a wide spectrum of clientele because of its very varied quality, which is a result of its acquisition from numerous sources. One of the advantages of Chinese hairdressers is that they have extremely large-scale manufacturing and are very good at marketing.
  • You can consider the following additional benefits and drawbacks of purchasing hair from China.

Why should I choose merchants of raw Cambodian hair?

  • The raw hair wholesale industry offers a variety of hair kinds, including Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian hair. For its thickness and single donor hair, the hair from raw cambodian hair vendor is another one of the sought-after sources. This post should not be missed if you want to learn more about Cambodia’s hair wholesale or are looking for merchants.
  • Wholesale raw Cambodian hair comes from the Khmer Loeu Village in Cambodia, which is home to the Khmer ethnic group. There are about 80 low-income households in this town. To make a living, these individuals frequently sell raw Cambodian hair sellers their long, natural black hair.
  • Vendors of raw Cambodian hair sell all three varieties in bulk, notably straight, wavy, and curly. Natural wavy hair is the purest variety available from raw Cambodian hair factories in Cambodia. Wholesale Cambodian hair also has a natural, fresh scent that makes it easier to discern between virgin and synthetic hair.

The biggest hair distributors for wholesale hair vendors are 5S Hair Manufacture.

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