Things you don’t know about real hair extensions

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Women from Africa and Europe are using real hair extensions as a trend in beauty instead of bleaching, dyeing, and styling their own hair. What, then, are the most widely used real hair extensions wholesale today? What materials do real hair extensions consist of? What makes each actual hair extension unique? Are real hair extensions expensive or affordable?

Real hair extensions: what are they?

To achieve a different look, actual hair is augmented with wholesale hair extension. Real hair extensions are hence additional hair products that are totally made of human hair rather than synthetic hair.

Real hair extensions – one of the most popular hair type

In order to lengthen someone’s natural hair to meet the needs of the customer, real hair extensions are grafted onto the scalp.

The demand for wholesale real hair extensions

Several studies show that the demand for wholesale hair extensions in the world is increasing especially for women.

  • They are less expensive to maintain than genuine hair and less harmful to the hair. In some cultures, using wigs or real hair extensions is a great option if you want to experiment with your hair style..
  • People in European countries want their hair to be much more beautiful since they have a higher standard of living. They desire hair that is heavier and thicker. In order to attain the most natural look possible, many are willing to get real hair extensions wholesale. 
  • Demand for hairstyling, including frequent perms and coloring, is another factor driving up demand for real hair extensions. Human hair extensions are a popular option for those who want to avoid damaging their hair during the styling procedure.

As women’s demands for beauty are growing everywhere, wholesale hair extension are a promising market for those looking to start a hair business.

4 different kinds of real hair extensions

There are four basic varieties of real hair extensions: raw hair extensions, tip hair extensions, tape hair extensions, and weft hair extensions. Real hair extension come in a wide range of styles and colors.

Raw real hair extension

Real hair extensions haven’t undergone any sort of processing or machine work. The only thing delivered to the consumer is a bundle of virgin or remy hair. They will develop and process the products themselves after they acquire them. The European market serves as the primary market for real hair extensions.

Tip real hair extensions 

Compared to other hair extensions, this one has the widest variety of real hair extensions.There are numerous varieties of actual hair extension tips, including I, flat, U, V, and nano tips.

  • For both the I tip as well as flat tip, there are cold fusion techniques. You will need a comb, or a pulling needles, I tip or Flat tip hair to wear your hair.
  • Heating equipment is needed to burn the keratin and fuse it to your hair during the U tip and V tip procedures because they are hot fusion techniques.
  • The tiny ring on the nano tip makes it the most common real hair extensions since it offers more comfort.

The lifespan of this particular real hair extension ranges from 14 to 16 weeks.

Tape real hair extensions 

The quickest and simplest to apply real hair extensions are tape-in extensions.

  • To get brand-new real hair extensions, it simply takes from 20 to 80 minutes.
  • Carefully remove from the real hair extensions before attaching it to the hairline to utilize it.

For six to eight weeks, these real hair extensions can be used. After that, you can swap it out by switching out the extension’s tape. However, this also relies on how well the hair is taken care of.

Weft real hair extension 

This kind of real hair extensions necessitates the hairdresser’s attention to detail and professionalism. The weft hair extension will be sowed directly into your own hair after precisely curling your hair. Additionally, mending hair requires a considerable amount of time.

Manufacturers of  real hair extensions or salons are in extreme demand for wholesale hair bundles. Along with it, a range of new wholesale hair bundle vendors have appeared on the market, confusing newbies to this multibillion-dollar industry.

5S Hair Factory: One of the biggest wholesale real hair extensions factory in Vietnam

A company with over 30 years of experience and significant contributions to the hair industry is 5S Hair Factory. The 5S Hair business is pleased to offer high-quality, 100% virgin Vietnamese hair in a range of styles. Virgin hair extensions, remy hair extensions, clip-in extensions, and tip/tape extensions are all included in the 5S hair.

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