Top wholesale hair extensions brands that you should know

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A lot of buyers are searching for wholesale hair extensions brands all around the world, but they are not familiar with them or their secret caverns. Finding the best wholesale hair extensions brands is not always easy, but if you find this essay, you’re well on your way to getting what you want.

Things you should you know about wholesale hair extensions brands market

Due to their wide range of applications, wholesale hair extension brands are incredibly well-liked by ladies all over the world. For wholesale hair extensions brands, the hair extension market has just become their promised land. There are two types of hair extensions which are virgin hair extensions and remy hair extensions.

Virgin hair extension Remy hair extension
Quality: Excellent, suitable for all purposes
Features: Extremely durable hair, glossy smooth skin, and a long lifespan
Application: Uses such as bleaching and dyeing are among those that are applicable.
Price: Vary by virgin hair type, thickness, and inches starting at $112.
Quality: Good, may be used for nearly any style purpose.
Features: Strong, fairly extended lifespan, as well as smooth and sparkling.
Application: Can be used for any styling, such as curling and straightening, as well as coloring medium tones, with the exception of bleaching and coloring higher tones.
Price: Depending on the thickness and inches, from $110.

Hope this comparison table can help you understand more about wholesale hair extensions brands and choose the most suitable wholesale hair extension brands for your business.

Some types of wholesale hair extensions brands

You should be aware of certain types of virgin hair extensions to avoid being duped and to make it simpler to provide customers advice.Because all of the extension threads share the same characteristic and may be bleached and dyed vivid colors, including the shade 613 blonde, virgin hair extensions stand out from other types of hair extensions.

  • Virgin clip-in extensions: Virgin clip-in extensions are made of virgin hair and have tiny clips on top that may be used to clip them into your natural hair. You can always remove the clips if you don’t want them, therefore this method is only ideal when you want to temporarily prolong your hair.
                                               Clip in virgin hair extensions

This kind of wholesale hair extensions brands is quite simple to apply, and can be done in under 10 minutes. It is vital to clip out the extension before going to bed so you can wash your hair after using it.

  • Virgin hair extension with tapes on top that you can insert into your head is known as tape in virgin hair extension. It is comfortable to wear wholesale hair extensions brands tape because it is frequently thin and light.
                                                            Tape hair extensions

It can be challenging for others to detect your use of extensions, especially if she applies the right kind of adhesive to her own virgin hair extensions. Nevertheless, periodic maintenance with premium, useful conditioners is necessary for this kind of wholesale hair extensions brands as they need to be maintained.

  • Ponytail virgin hair extensions are the same as ponytail hairstyles, which have been popular since ancient times.The hottest wholesale hair extensions brands style right now is simple extensions, which instantly enhance any girl’s beauty and fashion sense.

Top wholesale hair extensions brands for you

We provide the most well-known wholesale Vietnamese hair brands extensions suppliers to you in order to save you time and money on the search phase.These are the vendors with the best reviews for wholesale hair extensions brands.Tens of tons of Vietnamese hair are sold on the market each month in the wholesale hair market because resellers can profit greatly from selling Vietnamese hair.

5S Hair Factory: One of the best-priced wholesale hair extensions brands in Vietnam

  • Quality: The first wholesale hair extensions brands in Vietnam, has been confirmed by thousands of consumers all over the world.
  • Scale production: 5S is one of the wholesale hair extensions brands who has a facility with hundreds of staff members. Tons of hair are exported by 5S Hair each month to wholesalers of hair extensions in Nigeria, Brazil, America, and Europe.
  • Price: At the moment, 5S Hair is the wholesale hair extensions brands in Vietnam with the lowest price.
  • Service: 5S offers customer support and consultation services around-the-clock from qualified hair professionals.
  • Feedback: Retailers and wholesale providers of hair extensions have only had nice things to say about 5S Hair.
                                         Positive feedback from customer of 5S Hair

Customers who don’t have a lot of money to spend but yet want the highest-quality hair should choose 5S Hair. If you have a large budget, getting hair from 5S Hair wholesale hair extensions brands will enable you to make the most money possible.

K Hair: One of the largest wholesale hair extensions brands in Vietnam.

K Hair, one of the first wholesale hair extensions brands in Vietnam, has more than 30 years of expertise in the hair business, just like 5S Hair.

                  K Hair:-One of the largest wholesale hair extensions brands in Vietnam
  • Scale production: Production on a large scale is done in K Hair’s own factory in Bac Ninh.
  • Products: K Hair’s hair extensions come in high-end, striking styles like pixie cuts, bone straight hair, and deep curls.
  • Price: Because K Hair has a large number of loyal customers and a long history of building reputable wholesale hair extensions brands, the company’s price is quite high when compared to other suppliers in Vietnam.
  • Feedback: Customer response has been overwhelmingly positive for K Hair from clients throughout the world.
    K Hair is a possibility to think about if your budget is tight.

Mic Hair: One of the burgeoning wholesale hair extensions brands

Mic Hair is a company with over 10 years of experience that specializes in hair extensions.

  • Scale production: The plant is still quite tiny in size, and not many contemporary machines have been used.
  • Price: very costly in comparison to other wholesale hair extensions brands like 5S Hair

Feedback: Due to the low volume and relatively high price, shops will find Mic Hair to be more suitable than other wholesale hair extensions brands.
Due to the low volume and high price, retailers will be a better fit for Mic Hair than wholesalers.

Ted Hair: The largest wholesale hair extensions brands in China

Established in 2009, Ted Hair is a well-known wholesale hair extensions brands and supplier of high-quality hair goods and services in China.

  • Scale production: Along with warehouses in Atlanta, New Jersey, and Los Angeles, they also operate a sizable facility in Guangzhou. Ted Hair offers a considerable quantity of hair each year.
  • Price: As a result of utilizing China’s better production and logistics capabilities, Ted Hair wholesale hair extensions brands can provide customers products at cheap prices.

Feedback: Despite having a great rating, this wholesale hair extensions brand also gets a lot of complaints from customers concerning the hair’s quality.
Ted Hair continues to offer the most affordable products among them, so if speed and convenience are important to you, you can immediately choose them.

SGI Hair: One of the most well-known wholesale hair extensions brands in India

SGI Hair wholesale hair extensions brands originally entered the market in 2008 and has since established a strong reputation for its products.

  • Scale production: These Indian wholesale hair extensions brands typically charge less than other Indian hair producers since they work on such a large scale.
  • Price: The cost from this source is not reasonable.
  • Feedback: SGI Hair in particular and Indian wholesale hair extensions brands in general, although consistently maintaining quality, continue to receive numerous complaints about the hair being too thin and dry.
    You should carefully evaluate your decision if you choose these wholesale hair extensions brands because of their high prices.
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