Queen Hair top 1 Vietnamese hair factory

Queen Hair top 1 Vietnamese hair factory
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Queen Hair has been the leading hair factory in Vietnam for 20 years. Queen Hair has been manufacturing and distributing hair for thousands of customers all over world and have many experience in the field.

The development of Queen Hair

Ms Jessica is the first generation to attend university in a farming family in Vietnam, so she always has a desire to make a difference.

  • After graduating from one of the top universities, she was determined to add value to life and create more opportunities for people in the countryside.
  • She began to explore and realize the potential of the hair industry in the mountainous areas of Northwestern Vietnam. Ms Jessica has realized a very new industry that no one has ever seen in this country: human hair trade.
  • After many years of saving money, and in-depth study of the mechanics of hair production as well as research and experimentation, she opened a hair factory in 2000.
The development of Queen Hair

And from 2000 to the present, Queen Hair has constantly tried and perfected its facilities. Currently, Queen Hair is a factory for thousands of hair suppliers around the world.

Queen Hair vision

After 20 years of operation, Queen Hair has become one of the most prestigious factories in Vietnam with thousands of customers around the world.

Queen Hair vision

Queen Hair is not only trying to maintain its position as the top 1 factory in Vietnam, but also trying to become the world’s leading hair factory with the prestige and trust of all hair sellers.

Queen Hair mission

From the early days of its establishment, Queen Hair – Leading hair factory in Vietnam always carries with it certain missions and always tries to achieve those tasks as perfectly as possible:

Queen Hair mission
  • Queen Hair wants to be an inspiration not only for Nigerian women but also for all girls all over the world to find their inner beauty.
  • Queen Hair wants to help each woman find her own Queen by loving her beauty through their beautìul hair.
  • Queen Hair believes that hair is one of the best ways for a woman to express their personality. Hair can say a lot about a woman and we want to be the person to help every girl express their true inner beauty.
  • Queen Hair’s top rule is “quality first”. We always put quality first and consider this an indispensable element of the brand. Queen Hair Factory wants every girl to be able to have the best quality product at an affordable price, suitable for every girl’s pocket. Queen Hair always tries our best to improve the quality, so that every product that reaches customers is of the best.

Queen Hair service

Queen Hair’s service is always highly reviewed by all customers. Queen Hair has its own customer department.

Queen Hair service
  • Queen Hair’s customer service team has at least two years of experience in this field and is available 24/7 to answer all customer questions.
  • After receiving the product, all Queen Hair customers will be called by customer care staff to ask for their opinion and ask if there are any problems with the order during the shipping process. If there is a problem during transportation, Queen Hair will definitely try our best to support customers.
  • After that, Queen Hair’s customer care team will guide customers in detail on how to clean and protect their hair.

Queen Hair always appreciates the importance of customer care and always tries to make each customer feel satisfied with our service. Queen Hair’s team is working every day to improve our customer service.

Queen Hair price

The price of Queen Hair is considered affordable. Queen Hair always tries to bring products with the most reasonable price possible, so that every girl has the opportunity to own beautiful lustrous hair. With such an affordable price, that doesn’t mean the quality will be low. All Queen Hair products are 100% high quality human hair collected from a single donor. All Queen Hair donors have an extremely healthy lifestyle including a variety of vegetables and hair hygiene with herbs such as grapefruit peel, locust.

Queen Hair top 1 factory in Vietnam

In addition, Queen Hair also has a separate price for wholesale orders, with wholesale orders, the discount price can be up to $ 200 to $ 300. With such high quality, Queen Hair’s price is extremely affordable compared to other brands. There are some hair companies in China that have cheap price, but quality of them is not really good. Comparison between Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair is very different. Vietnamese hair has higher quality then Chinese hair with afforable price.

In general, all Queen Hair products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality along with the most attentive customer service possible. Queen Hair always believes that, to be able to have the prestige and success as today, it is all thanks to customers who have trusted in Queen Hair. So all products are made, Queen Hair always tries to meet the best quality standards.