The story of the formation and development of 5S hair factory

The story of the formation and development of 5S hair factory
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If you are an interested person or want to start a business with the hair extensions market, you should not ignore the following story about 5S hair factory, a brand that has more than 30 years of experience in the international market.

The CEO of 5S hair factory

The story about CEO of 5S hair factory: Mr. Adam Smith

At any business, the CEO is also the leader and the first to lay the foundation for the success of that business up to the present time and so is the 5S hair factory.

The founder of 5S hair factory

As someone who understands the great stature of hair extensions in the field of beauty, Mr. Adam Smith has started to learn and develop wholesale hair extensions quite early.

  • Mr. CEO was born in a family with a tradition of art-loving, he has been exposed to and shaped the beauty in her since he was very young. Understanding the psychology of women with unsatisfactory hair, Mr. CEO learned about the material of hair from his own country – Vietnam.
  • With the background of a country with high quality hair, Mr. Adam Smith has found ways to make hair extensions that are convenient and extremely easy to use for all customers, even if they have different needs.
  • And with a working style that always gives priority to giving customers the best experience with Vietnam’s hair extension products, Mr. Adam Smith founded 5S hair factory to be able to lay the first foundation in bringing Vietnamese hair extensions to international friends.

The slogan of 5S hair factory: “Shine it in your own way”

With the principle of compensating for the missing beauty of all women in the world, Mr. Adam Smith has proposed the slogan for 5S hair factory which is “Shine it in your own way”

Shine it in your own way
  • Everyone has different beauty and as people always say that there are no ugly women, only women who don’t know how to be beautiful. Mr. Adam Smith understands this, so for each hair extension product of 5S hair factory, he has research to be able to suit each customer.
  • This slogan is not only to encourage those who have imperfect beauties but also to say that you can turn the impossible into possible and as long as you are confident enough to shine in your own way, you are sure to make it happen. And you will definitely be the most gorgeous person in the world.
  • With the ideal of bringing beauty to all women in the world, Mr. CEO has researched many different hair extension products at 5S hair factory and it is diverse not only in design but also in color and material. This is something that not all hair extensions market can do.

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The story about 5S hair factory

What have Mr. Adam Smith’s efforts made 5S hair factory from a small brand to a leading brand in the Vietnamese market?

5S hair factory
  • Long experience is indisputable at 5S hair factory because with the acumen to market very early, so Mr. Adam Smith founded 5S hair factory and gradually developed to achieve today’s successes. And since its establishment until now 5S hair factory has accumulated 32 years of experience with many practical experiences in international markets of the executive team, this is the special point that brings success to 5S hair factory in the international market.
  • The achievements of 5S hair factory are all thanks to the constant efforts of a strong team from the executive team to the production team, who are all trying their best, especially in this sensitive time, when covid is affecting a lot of workers.
  • Currently, 5S hair factory is still operating well at a stable pace despite being heavily affected by covid. As a reputable brand in the international market, 5S hair factory has been cooperating with more than 200 countries around the world to provide high quality hair extension products from Vietnam with more than 500kg of hair extensions per month. This is a proud achievement and it took a very long time for the 5S hair factory to achieve the present achievements.

And it is certain that 5S hair factory will continue to go further in the field of hair extensions in Vietnam as well as in the international market because not only thanks to the CEO’s bravery but also thanks to the extremely high quality of the products that 5S hair factory makes. with a professional team. Customers who choose 5S hair factory will receive a lot of incentives to easily choose the most suitable products for themselves.